retriever training


  Our goal is to help you have a companion/gun dog you can be proud of. We train 5-6 days a week in a variety of settings to expose your dog to as many different situations as possible. Our retriever training program is a systematic, building block approach to teaching concepts. We teach concepts in the yard and then carry those concepts to the field. We encourage owners to come and train with their dog as often as they like, and are more than willing to have potential customers come by, visit and watch a day of training.  Our monthly training fee includes training, boarding, food, birds, a monthly vet check up, monthly Heartgard chewable and topical flea/tick preventative. 


  This stage of training will set the foundation for a solid working dog by going through formal obedience. We will introduce the pup to gunfire, birds, water, boats, cover, decoys, and ATV’s. We will teach the mechanics of a basic retrieve, from steadiness to delivery to hand. We will complete Force Fetch and Collar Conditioning at this level. The pup will also be socialized with other dogs and people. Once a dog has completed its basic training, it will reliably mark downed birds and deliver to hand. The dog will have the skills needed to run HRC Started Tests and AKC Junior tests.     


  This is the intermediate stage where we develop a well-rounded hunting dog. This is where we start basic handling skills and teaching dogs to run blind retrieves, as well as teaching multiple marked retrieves (doubles and triples). During transition, the dog spends a lot of time doing yard work learning to run blinds. Drills like 3-handed casting, T, Pattern Blinds, Five Point/9Point and Swim-by. Once we complete the transition phase; the dog will have the skills needed to run HRC Seasoned tests and AKC Senior tests.  


  In this phase of training, we teach advanced marking concepts and advanced, multi-factored blind retrieves. Here, we teach the concepts and develop the skills needed for a dog to run HRC Finished tests and AKC Master Tests.

Obedience Program for Companion Dogs

  We offer all breed Obedience training where your dog will learn 5 basic commands (Sit, Heel, Here, Kennel and No). This usually takes about a month and most of the work is done on lead or check cord. Your dog will have a foundation in place to allow you to formalize these commands off lead. We will be happy to do a collar conditioning program for any dog in the obedience program.    

Puppy Head Start

  Available for puppies between 8-20 weeks to give them an early introduction to the training concepts they will see as they grow. Pups will be introduced to feathers, clipped wing pigeons, gunfire, water, boats, ATV’s, etc. They will be socialized with humans and other dogs and groundwork will be put in place for future training.