Kenny N. -Moncks Corner, SC

  Billy has trained several dogs for me over the years. He is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Putting forth 100% effort he has produced outstanding dogs for me. His love and care for the dogs in his charge is second to none. 

Previously he helped my dog Cash earn a Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH) title; currently he is training and campaigning my dog Tonk and together they have earned an HRCH title as well as a Master Hunter (MH) title. 

With the success he has had with my dogs I would highly recommend Billy to anyone looking for anything from gun dog to an advanced competition dog. I would be glad to give personal references to anyone considering Avery Creek Retrievers.  

Alan D. -Moore, SC

   I have the greatest respect for Billy Mosley at Avery Creek Retrievers because he knows how to get inside the head of a dog and find the potential of that animal. He uses the basic training methods, of course, but when it comes time to fine tune the dog to its potential, Billy excels in the one-on-one with the dog to bring out the best work in that dog.

Billy Mosley believes in not only training your dog but educating you, the owner, on how he trains. He helps you know what he is doing so you can keep your dog in top form when you take it home. His owner training program is excellent, detailed and hands-on.”

I like the fact that we know what our dog is doing all the time because Billy takes extra effort in calling me or texting me to tell me how our dog is performing at trails or issues he is focusing on to bring out her potential. I want a hunting dog and will get a champion titled hunting companion dog in the end thanks to Billy.  

Ryan T. -Pemrose, NC

   I first met Billy back in 2013 after searching high and low the internet to find a gun dog trainer. After reading a number of good reviews on line about Billy and his kennel I gave him a call. We both asked a lot of questions and we set up a time for me and my family to visit his kennel, watch some dogs and discuss my goals and what I wanted out of a dog.    

Initially I just wanted a dog that would retrieve birds when I went hunting.  We discussed his training program and time frames. After that meeting I began the hunt for a lab puppy so we could get started. During my searching I learned a buddy of mine had a 1.5 year old yellow lab that he just didn't have time to keep. The dog had been with a different trainer for several months so I called Billy and told him about him about my new started dog.    

After dropping Hank off with him I called to check on him at least once a week and Billy would always give me updates on him. About a month into training Hank, Billy calls and said I need you to come down this weekend I want to show you a few things with Hank. I got there and Billy showed me how Hank was doing with his training which was good but I could tell hank wasn't acting like the other dogs; anytime someone would make a quick move or a sudden noise Hank would cower down. Hank didn't have a training collar on so I asked Billy about it he said let me show you what happens when I put one on him; he did and Hank just laid down and wouldn't do anything. I was concerned and he explained that at some point Hank had some bad experiences and as Billy put it he had “ghosts in his head".    

At this point I was concerned that he was ruined but Billy asked spend a couple months and try to get those ghosts out of his head. I made several trips to see Hank and each time I saw improvement in him. It took some time to for Hank to get comfortable but Billy never gave up, he would always tell me that “you want a good gun dog and I'm going to do everything in my power to give you that.” It took time and a lot of patience but eventually things clicked and Hank became a really nice dog full of confidence and eager to please with no sign of the baggage he carried with him previously.    

As he continued to improve and develop into a solid gun dog I asked about running hunt tests with him. Hank has earned his Hunting Retriever (HR) title, and lacks a few passes for his Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH) title which we plan to finish in the spring of 2018. I'm so thankful I found Billy;  he has went above and beyond to make Hank the retriever he is today and for that I'll always be grateful. If you are looking for a dog trainer I would highly recommend Billy at Avery Creek Retrievers; you won't be disappointed; he is top notch.   

Jack G. -Kings Mountain, NC

  I have known Billy for close to 20 years. I was around when he opened his kennel and hardly a week has gone by that I haven’t been there to train with and throw birds for Billy. 

Having seen basically every dog that has come through I can say you will not find a trainer that wants to see a dog succeed more than Billy.

 I have witnessed him put in the extra hours with a dog that is struggling, I know of an occasion where on Christmas morning after his kids opened presents he has run out to get an extra session in with a dog. 

I have also seen the success he has had in hunt tests and I can say it is well deserved because of the work and effort put in. I can think of several examples of dogs that I thought had no business running hunt tests, but yet through hard work and an unwillingness to give up on them, those dogs were successful in reaching advanced titles. 

Billy and I have been friends a long time and I have seen the sacrifices and hard work he has put in to build his kennel and produce fine dogs. I would put his training skills and knowledge against anyone in the business, but I know there is no one that cares more about the dogs he is training; he treats every dog as if it were his own. Every day he does everything from scooping the poop, cleaning the kennels and feeding the dogs to putting in the hours training, teaching and bonding with each dog. 


If you are looking for a trainer, do yourself and your dog a favor and give him a call, better yet go spend some time with him one day and see for yourself the way his dogs love working for him.